At Drunken Smoker we are both respecting and reinventing the time honoured traditions of preserving food. Intoxicated with the flavour of wine, beer and spirits, permeated by seductive smoke or straight up pickled, we are cooking up flavour combinations that are both frivolous and brilliant!

Preserving, pickling, smoking and fermenting are our addictions...we can't be stopped. It is our habit to create foods that will enhance Charcuterie board feasts, elevate small plates, and go solo as snacks that will get all up in your mouth and your kitchen.

One small batch at a time, we make sure that our condiments, meats, pickles and sweets are the kind of crazy good that will have you making delicious food noises out loud.

We all share a passion for tasty food and since "you are you we eat"...we say INDULGE! Indulge in first class ingredients both local and exotic. Indulge in hot sauces that will fire you up, powerhouse beef jerky and the condiments that are truly lifes little extras.

Indulge in the will make you a better person.

 (We reserve the right to claim the title of BEST until somebody proves us wrong)


Thank you so much for visiting! Visit again soon to see what new ideas we have stumbled upon.